Designed for living...

The Style Studio focuses on creating spaces that are innovative and timeless, taking inspiration from the our native and coastal environment, global design and artisanal products. Our experienced designers are committed to creating spaces that reflect their clients vision and the lifestyle they want to live, by developing refined interiors that are sophisticated, polished and elegant.


The Style Studio prioritises the client and their vision, working collaboratively to propose concepts for new builds or existing, producing innovative and refreshing spaces.  Whether you are creating or re-creating a space, The Style Studio can bring to life a concept that will reflect your true style.


Through the design process, The Style Studio will foresee with detail every aspect of the project resulting in outstanding outcomes that translate ideas into a complete design solution.

Our services include:

  • Concept design

  • Custom design kitchens and bathrooms

  • Floor plan/spatial planning

  • Colour consultancy

  • Styling

  • Selection of materials such as flooring, tiles, stones, paints, fixtures and finishes

  • Selecting furniture, lighting, rugs, art and interior accessories

  • Design and installation of window treatments

  • Design and management of bespoke upholstery and soft furnishings

  • Engagement of architects, contractors and landscape designers