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Why Styling Your Home Counts Now More Than Ever.

There's no doubt we have all been taken by surprise with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and the disruption it has had on our daily's only week 1 and i'm already climbing the walls! But we need to remain calm, stay patient and readjust to this new, temporary way of life....the world has not stopped and neither will we.

With the new Government restrictions on open homes, Agents have had to change how they show properties to prospective buyers with virtual tours becoming the new norm through the use of Facebook, Zoom and other digital platforms.

Now more than ever a perfectly presented home is a crucial to stand out from the crowd. Why??? Read on to find out...

1. When First Impressions Count

Making an impression online is more important than ever, as this may be the only chance a buyer has at viewing your home. Beautiful visuals excite buyers and ensure you stand out from the competition. The exterior of the property must have street appeal and the interior should portray an enviable place to live, where potential buyers can visualise the home as their own.

2. Best Foot Forward

Styling a home for sale is about presenting the home in a positive light and doesn't always portray the way we might live. Instead it's about creating a logical flow, concealing any unsightly areas with appropriate furniture and accessories and creating a cohesive and harmonious home.

3. Creating Space

When selling, creating space is the biggest impression a home can have on a buyer. Decluttering, removing personal items and replacing bulky furniture can make even the smallest homes feel large. Glass, mirrors, additional lighting will help create a bright and spacious home.

4. Selling a Lifestyle

When selling a home, it's not just about selling bricks and mortar. Buyers are purchasing a lifestyle and styling a home that highlights this lifestyle and deepens their connection with the property will make for a more successful sale.

5. Lessen the time on Market

It's no surprise that homes that are professionally styled achieve a more successful marketing campaign, with research suggesting styled homes sell 30-50% faster and often for more than the market value.

So even though we are facing uncertain times, now there is even more reasons to style your home for sale. Contact us today and take advantage of our 4-weeks + 6-weeks free! A total of 10-weeks on all new contracts installed prior to 31st May 2020.

So you're selling your home.....

Contact our team for an obligation free quote,

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