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Creating Layers to Create a Home

Updated: Mar 31

The key to making a house a home is through a process we call 'layering'. It's the details that sit on top of the functional space that create a feeling of home and elevates a space from the everyday into the unexpected.

Simply start by visually breaking down your home into layers:

Wall/Ceiling Treatments to Impress

• Walls/Ceilings – Adding a splash of colour with paint or texture with wallpaper, trims and panelling is the first layer in creating the look of your home. Think outside the box, what sometimes is meant for walls can also be applied to ceilings. Always start with sample pots and swatches to see how the changing light impacts on the final colour.

• Flooring – wooden floorboards, polished concrete, carpet, tiles? Take into account how the space is used and what flooring is best suited to an area.

• Furniture – will be different for every room and should be proportionate to the space. Too big and the room will feel cluttered, too small too empty and pokey. Carefully measure your furniture before purchasing and map out on a floor plan.

• Soft furnishings – cushions, throws, bedding, rugs, all have a significant impact on the

overall feel of a room. We follow a rule of thumb to include a bit of colour, texture and pattern to create a room that is interesting and inviting.

• Lighting – ceiling lights, sconces, table lamps, floor lamps and other ambient features help create mood. Same rule applies with flooring, ensure the lighting is suitable for the room, task lighting for workspaces and ambient lighting for relaxation zones.

• Wall elements – art works, mirrors and wallhangings liven up an empty space.

• Décor items – flowers, coffee table books and the bits-and-bobs that make a space individual to you. Create vignettes on empty surfaces, but don't go overboard, the eye needs to rest.

Each of these elements is a separate layer and should be taken into account individually. Stay focused and add each layer, one at a time working from the ground up. Creating a moodboard can assist to keep you on track. Alternatively one of our experienced stylists can assist you in transforming your house into your home.....whether it's to Sell or to Stay.


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